Launches 2014-02-12

  1. DrizzyCoin (1:00 GMT)
  2. SnapCoin (19:00 GMT)
  3. AntiKeiserCoin (0:59 GMT)

Like Coinye, another joke coin hijacking the name of a rapper. Ignore. Likewise AntiKeiserCoin. SnapCoin does look interesting.

By the way, dear readers (yes, both of you!): This is a slow news day, so let’s sit down and talk a little. Do you like  to know about all launches I can find or should I ignore the scam and joke coins completely?


  1. Joe

    We have what was regarded as a joke coin at launch sitting at #4 in terms of market cap, and scam coins scattered all the way down the list. As much as I would like to ignore them, sometimes they go places. I really appreciate this blog by the way.

    • qznc

      Thanks. Nice to hear.
      Yes, Doge started as a joke. However, this path is now harder for new coins. Doge filled an open niche. This niche is now full. New coins should look for a different niche.

  2. cleveland browsie

    I for one like to hear about scam and joke coins! (I also like reading failed launch threads on bitcointalk a great deal… very funny usually.)

  3. Firefly

    It’s interesting to me to know about scam coins too. I can be foolished by their PR, advertisments or buzz around it.

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