Top 5 Cheap Altcoins To Buy Right Now

Dear Readers, as you asked again and again, here is my current top five of cheap altcoins, which are worthy to buy right now.

So Bitcoin Much Profit
1. Dogecoin. A classic, but it grows faster than Bitcoin, so better put some long term investments there.

2. Vertcoin. ASIC-proof and a great marketing department to sell that message. Expect more action from them.

3. TakeiCoin. Unknown and technically a naïve clone. However, strong marketing with George Takei, better known Hikaru Sulu on the USS Enterprise. Now they teamed up with Edie Windsor. Maybe they can pull it off to become the first official VIP coin. The danger is that a more popular VIP releases a coin. For example, a KutcherCoin officially marketed by Ashton Kutcher would be a much bigger hit.

4. HeavyCoin. This is only possible via IPO right now. Read my review for the reasons.

5. FedoraCoin, because the developers are very active. The wallet has more features the most other coins. I hope they can pull off some technological breakthrough.

Remember: Only invest money you are prepared to lose (MtGox like). If three of my five predictions come true, I consider it success.


  1. Takei

    Heavycoin looks like premined shit. In addition to their little premine, they have a large IPO which is in effect another premine.

  2. stitchy

    Pay for play is how almost the entire world works. Disclosure of position as well as presenting a well thought out opinion is professional.
    The cryptospace would do well with less:
    -shitty coins created for no greater reason whatsoever
    -cry baby participants screaming about bs points on
    legitimate financial and economic machinations
    -mtgox. seriously, fuck mtgox.

  3. Banke

    If you ask me MAXCOIN got the greatest future for growing into some serious coin!! I am almoust 100% sure the MAX will reach the top!

  4. AnneHashaway

    TAK has a lot more in store on the celeb front. The media support is beyond any altcoin out there and has higher network hash than most coins, even after only 2 weeks. In for TAK here.

  5. Nietrol

    There is huge bubble in altcoins. There is too many of them right now, and there is not enough space for all of them. You can expect this market to collapse soon. Only the strongest will survive. Also as the mtgox drama will continue and btc price will further fall, many miners will stop mining becouse they will not be able to cover costs of electricity. Premine is not the answer, there is more and more of them, and at some point people will realize that it has no worth at all. Beware.

    • Nietrol

      Oh, and it will only make bitcoin stronger, as people will realize that there is only one bitcoin.

    • CryptoFrenzy

      Yes, Bitcoin is still the strongest currency and will be for quite some time. However, there various improvements in some altcoins. The challenge is to get the good ones cheaply and to sell the bad ones before the loss is too big.

  6. Spiry Eros

    I think you guys forgot about Franko and thats not fair . Because it’s the fairest of everyone with absolutly no premine and a big age on market .

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