Must-Have for New Coins

When looking at a new coin, there are various features to evaluate. This is my checklist of features, which a new coin must have.

  1. Must use Kimotos Gravity Well (or something similar), otherwise a multipool might interrupt the network.
  2. The developers must be competent. Nothing kills a coin faster than development blunder. However, developer is meant liberally here. A weak software developer and a great community developer might do great, although the coin is technically not innovative.
  3. Transaction times between 30sec and 120sec. The tradeoff here is that long times makes sending money slow. Short times are faster, but the blockchain data grows faster as well. There is no long-term experience with 30sec-coins. I would suggest 60sec for new coins.
  4. A smooth launch. This means mining pools should be available at launch time. Also wallets built for all platforms. Should be listed on exchanges quickly. More infrastructure like online wallet, faucets, gambling sites, subreddit, forum, etc is appreciated.
  5. No Premine is great. Coins with premine are not necessarily bad, but they should provide transparency. Publish the address with the premine coins (it is easy to find in the block chain anyway). Justify expenses from that address.
  6. Something special. Some detail must differentiate a coin from the rest. It need not be a technical thing. For example, Wolongs PandaCoin specialty was Wolong backing it.

A coin which misses one of those features is starting at a disadvantage compared to the competition who gets their shit together. The quality standard is rising and launching new coins becomes harder.

One Does Not Simply Launch A New Coin

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