Game Over for TakeiCoin

TakeiCoin (TAK) is out of the game. It had high potential. Dump immediately as long as you still can. Here is all the story I know:

TAK had some serious pump and dump going. In the end I was at a loss. No problem, I though. TAK is good hold for longer. Then a saw a Twitter announcement by @TakeiCoin which essentially said “George Takei finally decided: no go”. Game Over. This was the distinguishing factor. No that this was gone, it is just a stupid clone.

As of now, the website is blanked out, the subreddit is made private, and the Twitter account is gone. Looks like the devs know fully well that this is the end. Here is the price chart from MintPal.

Fall of TakeiCoin

Ultimately, TakeiCoin was a scam as it seems. If they would have handled that responsibly, they would have made a press release on their website. As far as I remember there also was Donation Campaign going on. Probably more a way to scoop up more coins to dump for the developers.

There is a statement on Bitcointalk:

Friends it’s with an extremely heavy heart I am posting this. I poured a lot of time and money into this venture, both a complete loss, and I’m very saddened to see the outcome.

Today we got an email from Mr. Brad Takei, indicating that George was not in fact interest, although they had been watching the project for quite some time. The recent news with Bitcoin was cited as a major contributor to this decision. That said they did in fact ask we remove all images and related products from the site. Brad then stated he would be open to listen to Mrs. Windsor’s take on the situation.

This is where it gets good. The second issue, that happened only minutes before, is that we got a call from Mrs. Windsors lawyers. They decided that with recent BTC news and the current state of crypto currencies that it would not be good for Mrs. Windsors image to attach her name to such a venture.

TakeiCoin had 100% top of the line intentions and the last thing in the world we want is to bring any unwanted attention to someone’s name, especially people who have worked so hard to do so much good in this world.

I take full responsibility for what has happened and my sincerest and deepest apologies to anyone who lost money. As I do not have the funds nor the ambition to go to court with such wonderful people, I have decided the best road is to call it a day and pull the plug.

I am currently in talks about passing the reigns to someone else and give the coin a rebranding.

Sorry guys, just “pulling the plug” is not good behavior. I also do not believe there will be a “rebranding”.

The only positive outcome: The way is free for somebody else to become the first “VIP Coin”. A coin which distinguishes by being officially supported by some popular girl or guy. Get some web-afficionada first and then go up the popularity. Felicia Day? Wil Wheaton? Nathan Fillion? Lady Gaga?



  1. Alexander Herpst

    He had just found out. First day on cryptsy the price fluxing. If your going to claim the developers dumped why dont you get transaction evidence before running someones name through the dirt more than it already will be.

    • CryptoFrenzy

      Ok, but “fine with it” is something different than “officially supported”. Officially supported would be: Ms Day selling a guest appearance for a The Guild episode for 100 FeliciaCoins.

  2. CryptoNoob

    So sick of crypto now. I was introduced a month ago, and now another 0.1 BTC gone! This may not be much, but when you have only 0.8 BTC, it stinks. From this point onwards I won’t invest in alt-coins again.

    • frankenmint

      You’ve gotta take your wins with your losses. I was definitely at a higher point in March, but now im not. But I’m still investing in different stuff here and therefor that next high point.

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