Killing Zombies is Awesome: ZedCoin

Game economics are a lively reality. For example, Valve hired an economics professor in 2012 or read about Eve Online economy. The idea to integrate a crypto currency into games certainly does have some appeal. This is what the ZedCoin developers are working on.

Hash algo Scrypt
Premine 1%
Transaction Speed 60sec
Difficulty retargeting every 30 blocks
Developers Not much

ZedCoin Official Logo

The technical details are not that interesting. Yet another Litecoin clone. The github repository shows no coding activity. There is no Gravity Well in place to protect against multipools.

The infrastructure looks solid. There are multiple pools. You can buy it on SwissCex, C-Cex, and Mintpal.

The community is small. 30 readers on Reddit. 10 Likes on Facebook. 566 Followers on Twitter.

So far, not a promising coin. Nevertheless, the critical question is whether it will be actually used in games or not? It is used in Mine Rust, a Minecraft mod. The upcoming 1BillionHex MMO announced to support ZedCoin. This is actually not much, but a start.

Overall, not a good coin. However, if it ever gets integrated into a moderately good game, it will be an instant hit. I bought some for my “probably lost money” category.

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