Technical, Fundamental, and Sentiment Analysis

There are kinds of analysis traders do: technical, fundamental, and sentiment analysis. A good trader learns them all and later specializes to master one to perfection. What are they?

Technical Analysis

First let us look at the pretty pictures. Technical analysis is the part where cold hard number and fancy math rules. Also you are allowed to draw lines through charts and give them funny names like “Bollinger bands”.

Some guy predicting that MtGox will survive and Bitcoin rises again. Well, he was only right about the later.

More seriously, technical analysis gives you a wide range of tools to analyse charts and other known facts. My coin reviews do this scarcely, for example when we look at mining speed or inflation rate.

Fundamental Analysis

In contrast to technicals, the fundamentals are also about numbers but fuzzy ones. Here we are thinking about the political, economic, and social environment, where we make our trading decisions For example, as AuroraCoin got pumped up, MazaCoin followed mostly because it was a country coin as well.

My reviews mostly focus on this analysis. Coin design, infrastructure development, and community size can be measured, but you cannot get really exact numbers like with price charts.

Sentiment Analysis

Finally, sentiment analysis is without numbers. For example, if Wolong would present a BearCoin, nobody would buy it, because all the trust is gone. If there you have had some. There is also general feeling among traders if some coin is bullish (going up) or bearish (going down). How do people think about premining?

Which One?

So, which analysis should you use? All of them.

Most people naturally have a favorite. Do you like number and hard facts, then you probably also like technical analysis. Do you prefer psychology and mind games, then sentiment analysis is your thing. However, try to get some skill in each of these.


  1. CryptoJay

    Good article – just wanted to point out that bullish and bearish are the wrong way around though.

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