How I made 825% Profit in 15 Minutes with Cryptorush Arbitrage

Cryptorush is a special exchange. Its price matching engine only does exact matchings. This leads to a lot of confused traders and some arbitrage opportunities for people with a little budget like me. Here is how I made 800% profit in 15 minutes.

It was during the beginning of the AUR pump. While I was considering whether to was a real pump or not, I saw a weird sell order. Immediately I clicked and bought AUR at 0.01 BTC. I tried to immediately sell them at market price, but it took a few minutes due to Cryptorush being slow. 15 minutes later my AURs were sold at 0.089. Roughly 825% return of investment.

I feel somewhat sorry for the guy who apparently mistyped his order. If you order a sell at 0.01 on Cryptsy, it will match the best buy order for you and maybe sell at 0.089 instead. If you order a sell at 0.01 on Cryptorush, it will only sell if there is a matching buy order at 0.01. Cryptorush will not find better orders for you, so be careful.

This method is actually repeatable. While big profits are rare, you can find various of smaller opportunities like this throughout the day. It works like this:

  1. Go to the trading overview page and order by 24h volume.
  2. Check the markets with the most action. The more action, the more arbitrage opportunities happen.
  3. Click the refresh button until you find opportunities.
  4. Buy and sell as quickly as you can.

Note that Cryptorush has  relatively little volume. You probably not find a 1BTC profit case. You usually earn something like 0.001BTC. So if you are trading with  budget of more than 1BTC this is not worth your time. If you are cheap and started with scraps like me, it works great to stock up a little. Probably faster than clicking ads and faucets.

It becomes enjoyable, if you are able to automate it. Cryptorush provides an API to poll market data. I have a small script running which pops up a notification whenever an opportunity arises. So I dare you to trade faster than me. 😉



  1. mtrono

    This is not arbitrage but profiting from other people’s stupidity. It should not be possible, and it is shameful to exploit this.

    • Shanth

      Newsflash: Arbitrage is also a way to profit from people’s stupidity. Opportunities to arbitrage the market means that not all players are acting 100% rationally, or else the market would have eliminated arbitrage opportunities.

  2. Chuck

    “I saw a weird sell order. Immediately I clicked and bought AUR at 0.01 BTC. I tried to immediately sell them at market price”

    So you were a dumb noob trying to panic buy and sell? You realize that exchanges charge fees? The amount of fees you rack up using this method could quickly offset any profit you might make.

    “This method is actually repeatable.”

    No it’s not. You happened to run into some dumb luck. Maybe you found a few stupid people. But, you can’t reproduced this at will. The best you can do is click around and hope for some more dumb luck.

    “I dare you to trade faster than me”

    You sound like a cocky little know-it-all. I can’t wait till you start trading with the big boys and their bots eat you for lunch.

    • CryptoFrenzy

      This strategy is only available for small budgets on Cryptorush. This is not repeatable “with the big boys”. Of course, bots are faster.

      Thanks for taking the time to write that criticism. 🙂

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  4. frankenmint

    Well Crap, 825% on 1 dollar is awesome…825% on 1 cent…not so much. Do make a guide to share your popup notification script 🙂 I’ll repurpose it for a place with higher liquidity.

  5. J Mintuck

    Bull-FUCKING-Shit about exploiting stupidity. FK that nonsense infantile gib. This is what I thought up today. I am just getting set up with a line of faucets, wallets and coins. Damn.

  6. Alex

    Hi Guys, some body knows someting about this altcoint investor company?
    Because don`t pay out ours profits…. FAKE

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