The Quantum Holdings Dilemma

Recently the Quantum Holdings project made its first announcement with the first details about how their offer. There is also a chat log with some more info. One one hand, the top altcoin traders are behind this. On the other hand, the offer screams SCAM. Should you invest?

Here is my understanding how Quantum Holdings works:

  • They release the QTM coin, which represents shares in the holding. The coin will be traded on exchanges, so its price changes.
  • A coin IPO of up to 250BTC for 20% of the coins provides the initial funding for the project.
  • In a month or more a second IPO wave will release more coins to the public.
  • The rest of the coins (80% initially) remains with the founders.
  • Participating in the IPO also gives you a one month membership for the private forum, where the community gathers.
  • For 1BTC/month you can get trading lessons.

The founders are @AltcoinAce (Altcoin Analyst), @Kazonomics (Technical Analyst), @Onemanatatime (Fundamental Analyst), and @TheCryptoEdge (Coin Developer). From what I hear Kazonomics is an awesome trading teacher. Onemanatatime as probably researched more altcoins than any other being on this planet. They are all helpful and nice Twitterers. I cannot think of a more trustworthy or competent team to create an altcoin hedge fund.

On the other hand, the project looks like a convoluted mixture of ideas (teaching,community,fund,coin). They do not want to be “just a fund” or “just a community”. I consider this a marketing blunder. Hopefully, they can make their message more clear in the upcoming QA.

Also the purpose of the coin is not that clear. It is not a company share, because it lacks the legal foundations. Shares of a company give you certain rights, because you own parts of the company. There is no dividends for QTM. The only way an investor profits is when QTM price rises. Since there is no use for QTM, only the fund could provide some buy support. This means they must invest the IPO money and use the profits to buy back QTM coins. If the only purpose of the coin is to buy it back (at a higher price), why not distribute 100%?

Now there is the Dilemma: Trust those fine people and buy into the IPO? Or consider it a scam; unfollow and blacklist them? Waiting for the official QA the next days to decide.



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