Quick Altcoin Overview

There are so many altcoins and most are shitcoins. Here can quickly look them up, if they offer any innovation.

Coin Name Clone Scam? Twist
ANC AnonCoin No 8% Integrates I2P and TOR
AUR AuroraCoin Yes 20% First prominent country coin
BC BlackCoin Yes 20%
BEE BeeCoin Yes 10%
BEER BeerCoin Yes 60%
BIZ BusinessCoin Yes 60%
CIC CinemaCoin Yes 60%
COLA ColaCoin Yes 60%
CTM ContinuumCoin Yes 5%
DGB DigiByte No 1% DigiShield
DOGE DogeCoin Yes 0 First meme coin
DOPE DopeCoin Yes 2% Dope!
DRK DarkCoin No 2% Anonymity via DarkSend
FISH FishCoin Yes 60%
FLAP FlappyCoin Yes 2% Flappy Bird Branding
GRC GridCoin No 1% Mining via BOINC
HAC HamburgerCoin Yes 60%
HDC HotDogCoin Yes 60%
HVC HeavyCoin No 1% Reward Voting,HEFTY1,Temporal Retargeting
IND IndustryCoin Yes 60%
LADY LadyCoin Yes 60%
MEOW KittehCoin Yes 8% DogeCoin Clone
MINT MintCoin No 5% Energy Efficiency
MTC MarineCoin Yes 20%
MYR MyriadCoin No 1% 5 Concurrent Minings
MRC MicroCoin Yes 10%
NXT NextCoin No 40% Completely new codebase
MEC MegaCoin No 2% Gravity Well Inventor
MIC MusicCoin Yes 60%
MSC MasterCoin No 1%
MZC MazaCoin Yes 80% AuroraCoin for Indians
OIL OilCoin Yes 60%
OLY OlympicCoin Yes 10% Olympia?
PANDA The Panda Coin Yes 100% Wolong’s Last Dump
PARTY PartyCoin Yes 60%
PAS PastaCoin Yes 60%
PIC PizzaCoin Yes 60%
PIG PigCoin Yes 60%
POT PotCoin Yes 1% Weed!
PPC PeerCoin No 1% Original Proof-of-Stake
RDD ReddCoin Yes 5% Starts like Reddit
PTC PesetaCoin Yes 1% Targeting the spanish speaking world
SAT SaturnCoin Yes 10% Saturn is awesome
SHOP ShopCoin Yes 60%
SKC SkeinCoin No 5%
SOFT SoftwareCoin Yes 60%
SUN SunCoin Yes 10%
TEL PhoneCoin Yes 60%
TEU ContainerCoin Yes 60%
TES TeslaCoin Yes 10%
THOR ThorCoin Yes 20%
UNO Unobtanium Yes 2%
USDE Unitary Status Dollar Ecoin Yes 20% Looks like USD
UTC UltraCoin No 5% Scrypt-Jane
VDK VodkaCoin Yes 60%
VTC VertCoin No 1% Scrypt N-Adaptive for Anti-ASIC
WWW InternetCoin Yes 60%
XDC Xedoscoin Yes 10% Cars!
XRP Ripple No 20%
ZED ZedCoin Yes 1% Targets in-game trading
ZEIT ZeitCoin Yes 20% Official support missing
ZET ZetaCoin Yes 0 Coin of @BitcoinSachs

The “Clone” column is meant purely technical. Like copy the code of another coin, change version number, name, genesis block, logo and be done with it.

The “Scam” column is very subjective and not meant to be exact.

The “Twist” column is for easier identification, not a rating the coin. Take it neutral.

Now please give some feedback! Is this helpful? What coins should I add?



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  2. CoinLover

    Very nice post!

    Great breakdown. Especially for those just getting involved.

    I hope there are plans to keep this list updated as changes in crypto come along.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. turin

    SKC and XDC? They are using different algo. Also XDC is the only automobile fans oriented coin and retargets faster than SKC, although they both (still) lack KGW.

  4. Anonymous

    Can you add Marinecoin, I am the developer of MTC, I would like to see Marinecoin on the list. you can say anything about it feel free to type, just put it on the list. Thank you.

  5. xedosfan

    XDC is ideal for car spare parts – fast transfer, the network is not loaded heavily. Stable cheap price, limited supply

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