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Imagine this: You are in a small loosing position. The signals from the market are not clear, but your initial decision is still valid. The loss gets bigger. Will you panic sell? Will you hope? This is where it gets emotional for traders. Here is how you can keep your cool.

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Innovation Is Overrated

If you look at shitcoins (e.g. AuroraCoin,BeeCoin) and compare them to innovative coins (HeavyCoin,MyriadCoin), they both go down after an initial pump. Shouldn’t HeavyCoin slowly rise because of its intrinsic innovation value? Let me phrase that the other way round: Why is an innovative coin more valuable than a stupid clone? Answer: It is not. In the current climate innovation does not actually make a coin valuable. At least for now.

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Altcoin Trading Basics

The Basics of Altcoin Trading. I feel somewhat preposterous to write about this. This field is so young that nobody really is an expert. There is no standard “How To Trade Altcoins”, yet.

Technically, this is FOREX (foreign exchange) trading, but it is very different. FOREX traders act on a very stable market, where prices change less 1% a day. They heavily use leverage/margin trading for profit. In contrast, the altcoin market is very volatile. Spikes of 1000% happen every week. We do not need margin trading here nor is it even available at the exchanges. Also, altcoin exchanges are very primitive compared to USD/EUR brokers and liquidity is very low.

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