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The Quantum Holdings Dilemma

Recently the Quantum Holdings project made its first announcement with the first details about how their offer. There is also a chat log with some more info. One one hand, the top altcoin traders are behind this. On the other hand, the offer screams SCAM. Should you invest?

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Lazy BlackCoin Miners

A few days ago, a BlackCoin Multipool was launched, which gave Scrypt miners an easy way to acquire BC. Mining Bitcoins and trading them for BC is a simple activity any miner could do himself. The conclusion: Miners are very lazy.

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Better than Gravity Well

One of the most popular articles on this blog is about Kimoto’s Gravity Well. However, it is also somewhat outdated by now. We are living in an age of rapid innovation in altcoins. They are quickly adapting to the multipool threat. The new state of the art is even better than Gravity Well.

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Beware of the Country Coins

Recently AuroraCoin made a big splash. It has a 50% premine which is supposed to be distributed to people of Iceland with an “airdrop”. Apart from the 50%, not even 1% is mined so far and traders went busy pumping the price up. Right behind MazaCoin is pumping. It is supposed to be the sovereign currency of the Traditional Lakota Nation. At best they are in a huge bubble now. Worst would be a scam. Continue reading