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Ultimate Altcoin Clone List

Looks like there is some demand for a list of shitcoins, so I made a Quick Altcoin Overview page. It tells you which coin has some innovation and which ones are blatant clones. I also tried to give a probability of the coin being a scam.Ā Is this helpful? What coins should I add?

Altcoin Trading Basics

The Basics of Altcoin Trading. I feel somewhat preposterous to write about this. This field is so young that nobody really is an expert. There is no standard “How To Trade Altcoins”, yet.

Technically, this is FOREX (foreign exchange) trading, but it is very different. FOREX traders act on a very stable market, where prices change less 1% a day. They heavily use leverage/margin trading for profit. In contrast, the altcoin market is very volatile. Spikes of 1000% happen every week. We do not need margin trading here nor is it even available at the exchanges. Also, altcoin exchanges are very primitive compared to USD/EUR brokers and liquidity is very low.

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MyriadCoin For Everyone?

One problem of Bitcoin is that only ASIC mining is really profitable. Since those ASICs are relatively expensive, mining is not really a distribution mechanism anymore. ASICs for Litecoin and all the other scrypt coins is currently rumored about. Now I present you a coin which attacks this problem in a unique way and launched onĀ February 23.

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