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From Scraps to 0.1BTC in One Month

I entered the altcoin scene in the beginning of February. Never putting in my own money, I started with some Dogecoin tips. One month later, I had 0.1BTC.

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Ultimate Altcoin Clone List

Looks like there is some demand for a list of shitcoins, so I made a Quick Altcoin Overview page. It tells you which coin has some innovation and which ones are blatant clones. I also tried to give a probability of the coin being a scam. Is this helpful? What coins should I add?

What is a Crypto Currency?

There are normal currencies like dollar and euro. They are issued by governments and are basically a promise to be exchanged for other worthy things. Our common believe that this promise will be kept gives bank notes their value. Another important fact of dollars is that there is a limited amount of them. While the governments print new bank notes, they usually do so cautiously.

Crypto currencies are like digital bank notes. Algorithms ensure that there is only a limited amount. Interestingly, people also believe in their promise, so crypto currencies are valuable like other currencies. The allure of crypto currencies is that they are not controlled by any government. They are also much cheaper to transfer around the globe.

How Do Crypto Currencies Work?

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