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Better than Gravity Well

One of the most popular articles on this blog is about Kimoto’s Gravity Well. However, it is also somewhat outdated by now. We are living in an age of rapid innovation in altcoins. They are quickly adapting to the multipool threat. The new state of the art is even better than Gravity Well.

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Block Reward Voting: HeavyCoin

Innovative coins are rare, but now I have found an interesting one: HeavyCoin. One very interesting twist is that the miners vote on the block reward. But there is more.

Hash algo SHA-256 + Keccak-512 + Grøstel-512 + BLAKE-512
Mining HEFTY1 (novel hash function, claims CPU-only)
Premine 1-2%
Difficulty retargeting Temporal Retargeting (goes beyond Gravity Well)
Block reward 0-1024 / 2min  (voted upon!)
Developers Competent, Engaged

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